• Technology Innovation

    Tang Mingshu (Academician of CAE)

    His main research interest is cement process and cement chemistry. He had made outstanding contributions to the research progress of alkali-aggregate reaction, microstructure of steel slag, delayed expansion of magnesium oxide in concrete, nuclear waste solidification by cementitious materials.

    Ma Hongqi (Academician of CAE)

    As an expert in the construction of hydraulic engineering, he has hosted and participated in the construction of over 20 hydropower stations, including Lubuge hydropower station, Manwan hydropower station and so on. He has explored and improved the construction technologies for underground engineering and earth-rockfill dams, in which the high pressure inclined shaft construction technology, rock bolt crane girder construction technology, high pressure bifurcated tunnels without steel lining construction technology reached the world advanced level. He also developed various project management modes, which realized the enrichment and development of scientific management of construction project. With these research outcomes, he has won over 10 National and Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards.

    Vice chairs