• About us


    Sobute New Materials Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: Sobute, Stock Code: 603916) is an industry-leading supplier of novel construction materials. Sobute is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of concrete admixture, waterproof and repair materials, and also traffic engineering materials. As the leading company in the field of concrete admixture, Sobute is authorized as “National high-tech enterprise”, ” National-recognized Enterprise Technology Center”, ”Demonstration Enterprise for Championship in Manufacturing Industry” and so on. On November 10, 2017, Sobute was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, which opens a new chapter for development of company with the help of capital market.

    Adhering to the development path of science and technology innovation, Sobute established top level research and development platforms, including “State Key Laboratory of High Performance Civil Engineering Materials”, “Jiangsu Engineering Research Center for Functional Polyether”, and so on. Sobute now has a top level talent team with a comprehensive professional field, a reasonable age structure, high innovation ability, and rich experience in technology promotion and management, including member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, winner of “National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar” and National Young and Middle-aged Leading Scientists. In Sobute, more than 400 patents are authorized by the state, in which 390 are patents for invention, 4 are PCT patents, and 5 patents have been awarded by China Patent Award. “The preparation technology, structure design and application of ultra-high performance concrete” has been awarded second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards in 2014, and “Key technology for over 500 meters span concrete filled steel tube arch bridge” has been awarded Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards in 2018.

    Taking the principle of “Group Management and Chain Operation”, Sobute has several production bases located in Jiangsu, Sichuan Tianjin and Xinjiang. Now the company has established an integrated management system including quality, environment, occupational health & safety and measurement. By implementing automation control for whole production process, Sobute has reached an advanced level in the control measures for production process, quality analysis and quality control for products. 

    Based on accumulated technical reserve and scientific and technological progress, taking “customer-oriented” as basic policy, Sobute provides consultative marketing service for all customers by specialized technical service engineers. Service network covers all the provinces, cities and districts in China, and all the technical service engineers have solid knowledge of concrete. Owing to the excellent performance, consistent quality and specialized technical service, the concrete admixture from Sobute has gained trust from customers and also promote the brand image of company. The products of Sobute have been successfully applied in Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, Tianwan nuclear power station, Yangjiang nuclear power station, Xiluodu hydropower station, Xiangjiaba hydropower station, Lanzhou-Urumqi high speed railway, South-to-north water diversion project, Jiaozhou bay bridge and other national major projects.

    Taking “Creating Better Materials and Better Future” as its mission and “Open, Innovation, Integrity and Win-win Cooperation” as its core value, Sobute will be still focusing on the field of construction materials, and promoting the green and sustainable development for the application of concrete admixtures. Taking scientific research and innovation as driving force, consultative marketing as core competency, “market-oriented R&D”, “customer-oriented management”, “profit-oriented operation” as basic policy, Sobute will become a leading, respectable and modern science and technology company, by paying continuous attention on the benefit of all related partners.